Washable Large Crayons - Set of 16

Washable Large Crayons - Set of 16

  • Crayola large crayon: specially designed for the youngest artists just learning to color and draw, This crayon set includes 16 colors.
  • Washable crayons: Crayola Ultra clean washable crayons are designed to wash from most walls, non-porous household surfaces, and washable clothing.
  • Crayola Crayon colors: featured colors include blue, blue-green, yellow, blue-violet, carnation pink, red, red-violet, green, brown, Violet (purple), Yellow-Orange, Red-Orange, Yellow-Green, orange, black and white.
  • Safe and nontoxic: pair it with a Crayola coloring book (sold separately) , Sold separately for a great gift for kids!